2019, The year of achievement

“The year of achievement” was the title I gave to the year 2019 when it started. And indeed, it was. Here are the top 10 things I remember:


  1. My Lightroom Preset

JANUARY – It might sound silly but for me, finding my Preset was a real goal, I spent weeks and weeks looking for it and I finally found it. And a year later, I’m still not tired of it, so I’m grateful for that.

  1. My Christianista Interview

APRIL – I did my first interview about fashion and faith. It was a real challenge, as much having to speak in front of a camera as knowing that the video was going to be public, on youtube etc. But I’m so proud of it! The interview is available on Youtube, on the “MPOWR The Show” channel.

  1. Launch of my channel – start of vlogs

AUGUST – 2019 I was FINALLY aiming to start vlogging. and this was the case with my first vlog which launched the start of my Youtube channel. It was a trip to Naples for a friend’s wedding. You should know that the world of video and especially the editing part became one of my passions and it was really one of the videos that I made with all my heart. My YouTube channel: The Christianista

  1. The release of my blog

SEPTEMBER – It appears in point number 4 but it is by far my biggest achievement of the year. MY BLOG, this platform. It was a project I had been carrying out for over a year, and in a few months of determination, it was achieved. My greatest pride of the year!

  1. Youth Convention

OCTOBER – The event according to my heart, the unmissable event. Several set objectives have been achieved and I am very grateful, both in terms of my service (communication) and on a personal level: the VLOG CJ. You should know that it was part of one of my frustrations (during these 5 years) not being able to show the CJ as it is, and the realization of this vlog was a fulfillment. This is only a glimpse of what the CJ is but it is so much more than what has been shown so far.

  1. Challenges overcome

In the article “2019, worst or best year? “I was talking about my damaged emotional and psychological state lol and I can tell you that I crossed the rivers, I walked in fire BUT I was neither submerged nor hit by the flames. I owe it all to GOD.

  1. Discipline – Personal organization & Balance

MAY – One of the best things that happened to me in 2019, I talked about it a little but not too much because I kept it preciously for 2020. While I was in one of the worst months of my year, it there has been an extraordinary shift in my life, in terms of resolutions, objectives, vision, personal organization and especially DISCIPLINE: the beginning of vlogs, the exit from my blog, everything is only the result of decisions taken at that time: in MAY.

  1. Permits

This is what I would have liked to say but no. I did not do it, the downside of my year, but it will be quickly resolved in 2020!

  1. End of Drop zone experience

Another reference to the CJ, those who understand will understand. 2019 has really been the year of “repositioning” in several areas of my life (if I can say that like that), also in terms of discovering myself, my passions, my gifts / talents etc. but also in through different choices that I call “decisive” that I had to make this year. And really at the end of this trying year, I just felt like I was finally positioned where I need to be positioned and ready to make a difference (GAME CHANGER)

  1. My relationship with God

The last point but my biggest lesson of 2019. Everything I went through, the decisions I had to make, the challenges I had to overcome, the challenges I had to face, the projects I had to realize EVERYTHING pushed me and brought me closer to Him. And really at the end of the year I have never been so desperate for more of God. And this is a good thing.

How do I approach my year 2020?

  1. New start
  2. Ready to make a difference

Happy new year 2020 !!

Lots of love,

The Christianista

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