2019, worst or best year ?

If I had written this article a few weeks ago, I would surely have concluded that 2019 was worst than better. And to find out, the only clue those who follow me on my networks had was my multiple absences especially during the first 6 months. (About that: as much as I love social networks I will never force myself to post if my mood does not follow) and that was it, for half of my year.

2019, in my 24 years of existence, I have never been so emotionally and psychologically tested. Between the different circumstances of life and the decisive choices I had to make, I can tell you that I literally reached the ground. And I can tell you that until December, it was the emotional lift.

But you know, the funny thing is that it was by being at the bottom of the tank that I realized “my year of achievement”. It was the title I gave to 2019, in January, and I can tell you that I fully experienced it. As much visible achievements (like this blog) as personal achievements. And when I analyze all these achievements, I don’t even know how I could have achieved them in the overall state in which I was all this year.

But you see, until a few days ago, I had decided to see this year more worst than better, I was saying to God “Ok Lord, I realized this and during this year, this or that happened and it was good BUT I was too depressed, I was too sad so no, it was not a good year” and it was in that state of mind that I was going to write this article.

But that was until yesterday, the last Sunday of the year. And while I was in church, the title of the Pastor’s message was “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. And if there is one thing that struck me, it is the importance of developing a spirit of gratitude regardless of the circumstances of life and instead of focusing on what is wrong or on what God didn’t do, focus on what He did, because there is always a reason to be thankful.

And while he was speaking my heart was bubbling inside of me and I realized that I had been a little ungrateful because I do not have one but a lot of subjects of thankfulness in this year 2019, and so I changed my way of seeing this year, and instead of saying to myself “Ok Lord, I realized this and during this year, this or that happened and it was good BUT I was too depressed, I was too sad so no, it was not a good year” I changed my thoughts by “Ok Lord, I was too depressed and too sad this year BUT despite that, you allowed me to realize and live this, to have that so thank you it was still a good year.”

                                 “There is always something to be grateful for”

And I would love to encourage you to do the same, especially people who feel they had a bad year, take the time to look back at what has been good this year, and be focused and thankful for it.

Besides, let’s even be grateful for what we think was “bad”. God only knows why He allows us to go through certain situations. And if for some of them we can already understand the why, choose to trust God and trust the process for the situations we are not yet understanding, and make the choice to believe that great testimonies will come out. For my part, I already have subjects of testimonies but hey it will be for a next time.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a happy new year 2020, and that no matter how you lived the past year, may 2020 be better!

Much love,

The Christianista

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