4 beauty salons that I recommend for a makeover in Brussels!

After the lockdown, I did major updates at 4 different levels : hairstyle, hair removal, pedicure and manicure. You will find in this article all the references you need !


For my hairstyle, I opted for cornrows, THE hairstyle that I had in mind throughout the quarantine. I got them done at “Hilda hair design“, located 5 minutes away from the Matonge neighborhood. It was the first time I went there; someone recommend it to me a few months ago and I was not disappointed !

One thing that I also really appreciated and that made the difference to me is the aesthetic side, it’s a really beautiful salon !

You can check on her work and actually contact her via her Instagram. Here’s the link: https://www.instagram.com/hildahairdesign/?hl=fr


For the hair removal step, I went to “Tahira – Art“, a beauty salon in Saint-Gilles (near from the Brussels Zuid station). This institute is pretty renowned, especially for their eyebrows reshaping. I’ve been going there for a few years now and I recommend it 100%.

Here’s the link for an appointment: https://www.tahira–art.com/


It was a first for me, I’d always been told that the day I’d start I wouldn’t be able stop so I wanted to be sure to get into at the right time lol. My pedicure was done at “Doan’s Nails“, located two minutes from the Lombardie tram stop. https://www.treatwell.be/fr/salon/doan-s-nails/

I found this salon “by chance”. I simply searched on google “Pedicure Brussels” and I was shown a list of salons according to the style of nails that I chose. 0 disappointment and it will remain my favorite pedicure salon for a while. I opted for the “spa + semi permanent polish” formula for a duration of one hour.


The last but not the least! I’ve been longing for that step for the entire duration of the lockdown ! I’ve had my nails done at the “Kingdom of Beauty” salon. Also a first for me and it wasn’t disappointing one bit, reason why I recommend it! The salon is near from Central Station, at the “Park” tram stop. 

It is also a hairdressing salon so for any information, reservations or if you just want to take a look at their work, I invite you to check out their Instagram page:  https://www.instagram.com/kingdomofbeauty.brussels/?hl=fr


That’s it, more recommendations centered around those subjects will come for sure! Also, I didn’t mention the prices but feel free to contact me on my Instagram “@the.christianista” for any information!

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