Playlist #6

Hi everyone ! Hope you’re doing good in this confinement time! I share you a new playlist (from my own personal playlist) and I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll discover new songs! Elevation Worship – The Blessing  Redeemed – Influence Music Aaron Cole – One more Day Hillsong Worship – Anchor Marizu – Looku […]

Facts about me #1

1. My name is Christelle Most of the people already know it, but in case you don’t because you see “The Christianista” everywhere … Christelle is the first name my parents gave me. Christianista being the mix of “Christian” and “Fashionista”. 2. I have two brothers and a sister It’s true that I look like […]

Playlist #5

Hi everyone ! Here’s the first playlist of the year! 15 songs that have marked my January month with a special mention for “Victory” from Fred Jerkins Limoblaze – Your love Elevation Collective & Tasha Cobbs – Here as in Heaven Stevie Valentine – God is on Time Hillsong Worship – Cornerstone  Derek Jones – […]