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Preview of my blog

It's now been more than a week (ten days exactly) that my blog was out in the open. And on this occasion, I organized a launch event, a "preview" during which I presented the blog exclusively to about twenty people. 

In this article, you will find everything about this event.

1- The purpose of the event 

From the very beginning of this event, it was for me to bring together the people who had supported me (in one way or another) throughout the realization of this project. The main purpose of this event was to gather them and thank them, the second being to present my baby exclusively before showing it to the world.

2- Setting up

(Luckily organizing is my passion and I had a big person to help me…) I broke down the event into several compartments so as not to lose sight of anything: The place – the guests – decoration – gifts – Guest book – cocktail. 

The venue – 20-person conference room (Schuman). Reference: "The Mug Coworking"

Guests – Between 20 and 25 people

Decoration – Reference: "m.g.event" (Instagram)

Gifts – Custom gold envelope cards and cardboard cards from AVA

Golden Book – Reference: AVA

Cocktail – Menu: Mini pizza, salmon toast, tuna/peach jacks – tomatoes/mozzarella – Fruit juice

Cupcakes: Reference: "Personalized Z Cakes" (Facebook page)

The budget for this event was 550 euros. 

3- The program

Event duration estimated at 2:30 a.m.

  1. Welcome welcome and cocktail
  2. Installation 
  3. Thank you disours by me
  4. Blog presentations
  5. Question/answer time
  6. Speech of my mentor
  7. Cheers
  8. Signing the guest book – Photos


Hello everyone,

It is with joy that I meet you on this Monday morning for a new playlist !

Without further ado, here are the 10 titles I offer you this week, with a special attention to Bigty’s latest release from last Friday, “How to love you”.

  1. Bigty ft Rabbi the Prince – Comment t’aimer
  2. Emmanuel Smith – Asore Ye De
  3. Citipointe Live – Into the deep
  4. James Fortune – No filter
  5. Theresa Kis – Hakuna
  6. Eben – Jesus at the center 
  7. Limoblaze – Grace
  8. Elevation Worship – See a victory
  9. Deitrick Haddon – Gravity
  10. William McDowell – Nothing like your presence

The last track is a song from the new album “The Cry” by William McDowell that I invite you to listen to! This album is so powerful! 

The last track is a song from William McDowell’s new album “The Cry” that I invite you to listen to! This album is so powerful !

Very good week to you and good listening !

With love

The Christianista


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Wedding Playlist

Welcome to this heading called “Playlist.” A section in which you will find a selection of 10 titles every month. And as a welcome, here is a selection of singles from the various weddings I attended during this summer; there is for all styles and tastes so JUST ENJOY !

  1. Tim Godfrey – Hallelujah
  2. Deborah Lukalu – Zala Na ngai
  3. Joepraize – God Mighty
  4. Limoblaze – Wedding Day 
  5. Tim Godfrey, Travis Greene – Nara
  6. Anchored – Naza ya 
  7. Jonathan and Emily Martin – Two Becoming One 
  8. Dee Jones – Lift Him Up
  9. Thanks Elonga – Igwe
  10. Tim Godfrey – Gbemisoke


I pray that anyone who listens to the different playlists that will be proposed over the months finds the perfect match ! And above all, share this around you without moderation

  Be abundantly blessed,

  With Love,

 The Christianista




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Wedding looks

This article is for all my fashionistas!

Still being in the wedding mood, I picked for you two of the best outfits I wore to attend the 2019 summer weddings. The first outfit is the one that I wore for a civil wedding, and the second is a dress worn as a bridesmaid.

 Outfit for a civil wedding 

On the eve of the third civil wedding I attended, I browsed the shops in search of the ideal dress (N.B. NEVER END UP WITHOUT AN OUTFIT ON AN EVENT’S EVE). For those who already know me, you even know the colors that are dear to my heart. My eyes are set on this beautiful red dress from C-A bought at 39.99€.  From the first fitting it suited perfectly, it was a flared dress as I like them and it definitely was THE ONE, the perfect one for the time and the season. 

To accessorize the dress, I opted for silvery items, with these beautiful pumps bought during my trip to Naples, as well as this purse which I can’t remember the origin of and this ring from the « Six » store.

  Bridesmaid outfit 

For the second outfit, here’s the bridesmaid dress I wore at the penultimate wedding of the summer. It’s so splendid, not only for its color that I love so much but also for its model, its fabric and especially its beautiful train. 

Where does it come from? (the question many asked me…) You’d be amazed… It comes from Ali Express, for the small price of 50 euros. Yeah, I know, it’s a SUPER DEAL ! 

Hoping these looks pleased you and got you inspired !

With love,

The Christianista


Be faithful to the vision

This article was written at the beginning of 2019, on January 9th, to be precise, and I must admit that reading it again a few days before the release of my blog moves me because I have literally been through it…

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this article and I pray that at the end of these few lines, you will find yourself reinvigorated!

I firmly believe that any project or dream that God inspires us to pursue is the result of a heartfelt longing or a frustration that is within us. So, this dream/project is not an insignificant or ordinary one but rather something that suits us, a tailor-made dream that therefore needs to be fulfilled by us.

But when God entrusts us with the dream, the vision, He does not mean that the path that leads to its fulfillment will be smooth and without any pitfalls. During this long journey, you will certainly face all kinds of misadventures, such as moments of confusion during which you may doubt your vision, yourself or your ability to accomplish it, times when you will ask yourself a lot of questions, when you will feel discouraged by the huge gap between the goals you will have set and reality, times when you may even want to give up. There will also come times when you will have to make difficult decisions, or head in directions that others will not understand, etc. But what I would like to tell you today is: Whichever challenge you may face, STAY FAITHFUL TO THE VISION!

If God has planted this dream in you, then He surely knows you are capable of making it come true. Besides, you may not realize it now, but He has already planned every little thing that you may need in order to accomplish it. Through your heartbeats lie the strength and desire to see this dream fulfilled. Through the gifts and talents He has deposited in you, He gives you the ability to bring that project to fruition, through people to whom He connects you, He saves your time, helps you move forward and propels you. Isn’t He your provider? Don’t you think that the God who put this dream in you is faithful enough to fulfill it? If not, I suggest you grab your bible, read Philippians 4:19 and then let the Holy Spirit convince you!

So, to you who is reading and who may have stopped progressing along the way, who put aside that project that was making your heart beat, to you who was discouraged by life’s circumstances or perhaps by your close family and friends, to you that no one believes capable of realizing that dream or to you who feels overwhelmed and unable to make it come true: WAKE UP!

« Follow the dream that God has planted in your mind! Pursue it with passion, diligence and joy! »

And no matter how long the journey or how many trials you may encounter, keep moving forward, GOD GOT THIS!

With Love,

The Christianista