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Winter Outfits Inspiration

I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had winter outfits shot! If you go to my Instagram page you’ll see that there are usually no winter outfits; you’d think it’s spring and summer all year round where I live!  But this year I found it interesting for you as well as for me to propose some winter looks, I hope you will like it!





Feel free to comment which look(s) you liked the most!

With Love,

The Christianista

Long Blazer Jacket

Hello my fashionistas!

Hope you are doing well and have a great start of week! Here’s an outfit for you that I particularly wanted to see on my blog.

It’s a easy set to
wear, you just have to match it well. For my part, I chose to wear it with
black, a simple black turtleneck from H&M, and black heeled sandals.

Considering that I wore it in winter, I could have chosen black boots for example, but it is true that when I do shooting, I do not take into account the seasons.

And one of the things that made me buy this set is that I know I can dress it up in different ways and I can put the different pieces separately.

First lookbook of 2020

Hello my fashionistas!

NOVELTY of  this new year: Every month I will share with you my lookbook, which will include one or two outfits that marked my month and their references!

Here is my January selection, two outfits from my favorite online store: Asos.

For the first one, I am wearing my New Year’s dress:

I particularly liked it for the bustier’s originality and of course its color, MY color!

For my second selection, it is an outfit I wore during my vacations in Malta.

It is still available for sale on the website so go for it!

Wedding looks

This article is for all my fashionistas!

Still being in the wedding mood, I picked for you two of the best outfits I wore to attend the 2019 summer weddings. The first outfit is the one that I wore for a civil wedding, and the second is a dress worn as a bridesmaid.

 Outfit for a civil wedding 

On the eve of the third civil wedding I attended, I browsed the shops in search of the ideal dress (N.B. NEVER END UP WITHOUT AN OUTFIT ON AN EVENT’S EVE). For those who already know me, you even know the colors that are dear to my heart. My eyes are set on this beautiful red dress from C-A bought at 39.99€.  From the first fitting it suited perfectly, it was a flared dress as I like them and it definitely was THE ONE, the perfect one for the time and the season. 

To accessorize the dress, I opted for silvery items, with these beautiful pumps bought during my trip to Naples, as well as this purse which I can’t remember the origin of and this ring from the « Six » store.

  Bridesmaid outfit 

For the second outfit, here’s the bridesmaid dress I wore at the penultimate wedding of the summer. It’s so splendid, not only for its color that I love so much but also for its model, its fabric and especially its beautiful train. 

Where does it come from? (the question many asked me…) You’d be amazed… It comes from Ali Express, for the small price of 50 euros. Yeah, I know, it’s a SUPER DEAL ! 

Hoping these looks pleased you and got you inspired !

With love,

The Christianista