I redid my room #2

And yes, in this period of confinement, I took 15 days to redo my second bedroom, and even if I could count on my experience (to have redone my first bedroom last year), it was not all rest! LUCKY, I had a goal in mind, and a concrete determination. Here is the detail of my […]

Facts about me #1

1. My name is Christelle Most of the people already know it, but in case you don’t because you see “The Christianista” everywhere … Christelle is the first name my parents gave me. Christianista being the mix of “Christian” and “Fashionista”. 2. I have two brothers and a sister It’s true that I look like […]

My 10 resolutions

I am back with the first article of 2020 and it concerns my 10 big resolutions! you know what they say: new year, new resolution right? These 10 resolutions, I took them last May, a crucial month of my year 2019. Personally I am of the opinion that making resolutions should not necessarily be done […]