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The 1 year anniversary of the blog!

On September 30th 2020, we hit my blog’s first anniversary milestone. And who says anniversary, also says event. I thus wanted to trace in this article, the organization of that 1 year anniversary party.

I started by heading towards a photo studio to do a shoot. I absolutely wanted to take some pictures with a cake for the occasion, actually, it was the only thing that I was definitely going to make happen no matter what, I was sure of it for months. Here is the Instagram pages of the cake’s baker and the photo studio that I booked :

  • Cake:
  • Photo Studio:

The birthday celebration also took place at the photo studio, right after the shooting. It was set around a table that had been set up purposely. I’d invited about 10 people. The party’s theme was pale pink, black and white, which are my 3 official colors.

The decoration was therefore made according to the theme. Ditto for the dress code: black for the guests, white for me. Regarding the references of the decoration, apart from the tablecloth that was bought in a fabric store located on Rue du Brabant (Brussels), everything else came mainly from the store “AVA” which I highly recommend to you.

Also, for everything related to special candles, confetti, etc. I highly recommend the “Balloons – Events” store located in Saint-Gilles (Brussels). This is where I bought my candles at a fairly modest price.

For my beauty makeover, here are the Instagram pages :

  • Hairstyle: @hildahairdesign
  • Makeup: @partysosomakeup
  • Nails:

And as I explained in an Instagram post, it was far from the event I had in mind when I thought about the 1 year anniversary of this blog, but for this season, it was the event that was needed.

Thanks to all my guests for their presence and thank you (Instagram) for all the photos!

“CJ”, an unmissable event

Back when this blog was still at its conception, I could already picture the day following the CJ when I’d be able to write an article about this convention, my beautiful convention. “The event after my heart” as I have nicknamed it, an event so unique in a place yet so banal but where, during four days, Heaven is on earth.

The “CJ”, diminutive of the Youth Convention, is a Christian event, an annual four-day event that brings together young people aged from 15 to 30 years old, from different churches and different corners of Belgium (but also from neighbouring countries). This convention is a time of retreat during which we bathe in prayer, praise, worship, and so on. Four days during which we are taught by different speakers according to the theme of the year. But it is also four days of fraternal communion and connections with other young people, a multicultural and well-balanced event!

This year, I participated to the CJ for the 6th time and every year my prayer is that I never get used to this event. And this prayer seems to work because every year I wait for it with the same eagerness, I go there with ever more expectations and I always come out of it full of testimonies. Each of my CJs has its own story with God as an author. 

And every year my frustration is the same: that of not seeing more young people participate. And again this year, while we were living a wonderful time in the presence of God, a frustration rose in me, I thought “Lord, what we have just experienced there is not something that I can transmit to them, whether it is  through a story or even by vlogging. I don’t know what to say or do to make them realize how wonderful this event is.” And since each frustration finds a solution, I don’t know how yet, but I know that He will give the keys for this event to reach as many people as possible!

I don’t promote this event just because it is my favorite, or because I serve there : I want to make it known because everything that God does through this convention is great and a source of testimonies! (This is not an article about my personal testimony) but the first time I went there in 2014, “by chance” because I was taken there, I was touched like I never before, I made the most radical decisions of my life , and the best of all : I accepted Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. My life has totally changed after I went through this event, there has been a before and an after so remarkable and notifiable by many. But it’s not just about me, hundreds of people could also testify to you about these extraordinary things that God has done in their lives through this youth convention.

I went there as a participant and then I started to get involved because “I wanted to be a part of it” is what I told myself as soon as I came out of it in 2014. And today I am so grateful to be able to serve in this convention; it is a real grace, a privilege. It’s the choice to give myself, to give my time, my gifts and talents so that this magnificent work can move forward, allowing many to know it and live there what I experienced. 

To you who read this article and never participated to this wonderful event, be my guest for the next edition, you have no idea what you can live there!

For my part, I hope I’m never going to stop talking about this event with such zeal and passion and I know that for the next edition the holder of creativity will allow me to promote this event even harder !  

Preview of my blog

It's now been more than a week (ten days exactly) that my blog was out in the open. And on this occasion, I organized a launch event, a "preview" during which I presented the blog exclusively to about twenty people. 

In this article, you will find everything about this event.

1- The purpose of the event 

From the very beginning of this event, it was for me to bring together the people who had supported me (in one way or another) throughout the realization of this project. The main purpose of this event was to gather them and thank them, the second being to present my baby exclusively before showing it to the world.

2- Setting up

(Luckily organizing is my passion and I had a big person to help me…) I broke down the event into several compartments so as not to lose sight of anything: The place – the guests – decoration – gifts – Guest book – cocktail. 

The venue – 20-person conference room (Schuman). Reference: "The Mug Coworking"

Guests – Between 20 and 25 people

Decoration – Reference: "m.g.event" (Instagram)

Gifts – Custom gold envelope cards and cardboard cards from AVA

Golden Book – Reference: AVA

Cocktail – Menu: Mini pizza, salmon toast, tuna/peach jacks – tomatoes/mozzarella – Fruit juice

Cupcakes: Reference: "Personalized Z Cakes" (Facebook page)

The budget for this event was 550 euros. 

3- The program

Event duration estimated at 2:30 a.m.

  1. Welcome welcome and cocktail
  2. Installation 
  3. Thank you disours by me
  4. Blog presentations
  5. Question/answer time
  6. Speech of my mentor
  7. Cheers
  8. Signing the guest book – Photos