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Where to eat in Brussels? 5 location recommendations

I think it was finally time to start putting some restaurant recommendations on this blog! Here is the list I made following my summer :

1. Afrosian

The very best of my summer. I loved it SO MUCH ! I’ve been wanting to try it out for over a year now, but for some reason I hadn’t been there until this summer. 

The space is small, indeed, but well laid out, and with a good atmosphere. For my meal, I went for an Afro dish, and one thing that I particularly liked was this touch of Asian cuisine that I could find in my basic Afro food, and it was just perfect. Hence the name of the restaurant I guess …  And that’s not to mention their cocktails ! You really get what you pay and are thirsty for ! Really great!

The photos above were taken from their Instagram page.

Here is their website:

2. Tigermilk

This one place that I’d spotted during the confinement was definitely on my list of restaurants to try out. It is also located in Paris. The site is beautiful and very cozy, and it’s important to note that I generally choose my restaurants according to their aesthetic … I had a “Superbowl” there and I have nothing to say, it was super good and filling. I will go back there!

You’ll find above the dishes we had taken.

Here’s their website:

3. Frank

This one was not on my list initially, it was proposed to me and I loved it ! If I could literally start every single day there, I would definitely do it ! Because actually, it’s more of a place for having breakfast, brunch or just a coffee. 

It is located in Brussels, not far from the Central station. We ate on the terrace but I can assure you that the interior design is gorgeous ! Besides, I did recommend this place a lot and received only positive reviews so far.

The photo on the right just above is what we ordered.

Here is their website:

4. Kicoucou

I’d seen this spot in so many Instagram stories that I decided to put it on my list of restaurants to try out. I went there and liked it a lot! This is an African restaurant that I 3000% recommend to you, and especially since the menu has a great variety, there is a lot of choice!

I had a burger at the Ntaba, I don’t know which one, but it was delicious. Not to mention the drinks with the multiple flavors they offer! 

I didn’t take any picture of what I ate, I’ve only made videos. But I will not hesitate to add a photo to this article as soon as I return there !

And I suggest you consult their website right here :

5. Grand Central

I didn’t know that place and didn’t have it on my list, I found myself there because I had a meeting planned at that location. And let me tell you that I liked it so much that I went back to that restaurant a second time within a month. Very large, friendly, and it’s not only a restaurant but also a bar. I really liked the summer atmosphere that radiated there.

The two times I’ve been to Grand Central, I’ve had a drink and ate fries. I haven’t gone through their entire menu yet, but I surely will!

However, note that they do not offer straws with their drinks.

The photo on the right above is what we ordered the first time.

Here is their website:

for those who follow me on Instagram (@ the.christianista), you will find among my highlights a section called “f&d” where you can find the addresses of several restaurants I’ve been to. And most of the time, prices are very affordable for the places I present there.

Here it is, don’t hesitate to give me a feedback if you ever test these places !

With love,

The Christianista

4 beauty salons that I recommend for a makeover in Brussels!

After the lockdown, I did major updates at 4 different levels : hairstyle, hair removal, pedicure and manicure. You will find in this article all the references you need !


For my hairstyle, I opted for cornrows, THE hairstyle that I had in mind throughout the quarantine. I got them done at “Hilda hair design“, located 5 minutes away from the Matonge neighborhood. It was the first time I went there; someone recommend it to me a few months ago and I was not disappointed !

One thing that I also really appreciated and that made the difference to me is the aesthetic side, it’s a really beautiful salon !

You can check on her work and actually contact her via her Instagram. Here’s the link:


For the hair removal step, I went to “Tahira – Art“, a beauty salon in Saint-Gilles (near from the Brussels Zuid station). This institute is pretty renowned, especially for their eyebrows reshaping. I’ve been going there for a few years now and I recommend it 100%.

Here’s the link for an appointment: https://www.tahira–


It was a first for me, I’d always been told that the day I’d start I wouldn’t be able stop so I wanted to be sure to get into at the right time lol. My pedicure was done at “Doan’s Nails“, located two minutes from the Lombardie tram stop.

I found this salon “by chance”. I simply searched on google “Pedicure Brussels” and I was shown a list of salons according to the style of nails that I chose. 0 disappointment and it will remain my favorite pedicure salon for a while. I opted for the “spa + semi permanent polish” formula for a duration of one hour.


The last but not the least! I’ve been longing for that step for the entire duration of the lockdown ! I’ve had my nails done at the “Kingdom of Beauty” salon. Also a first for me and it wasn’t disappointing one bit, reason why I recommend it! The salon is near from Central Station, at the “Park” tram stop. 

It is also a hairdressing salon so for any information, reservations or if you just want to take a look at their work, I invite you to check out their Instagram page:


That’s it, more recommendations centered around those subjects will come for sure! Also, I didn’t mention the prices but feel free to contact me on my Instagram “@the.christianista” for any information!

The gel I use to slick my hair down

Hi everyone ! 

Today I’m coming to you with a new article, and it will be a product recommendation. I’m going to promote the gel that I use to slick my hair down ! 

You should know that properly laying my hair has always been a challenge for me, because since I have very kinky hair, very few hair gels actually work for me ! It was during the month of July that a friend of mine used this gel to tame my hair for a wedding. And by some miracle, it was the first time that I had my hair so well slicked and that fast !

I immediately bought it and talked about it to the people around me. I can even list some of them who already bought it after hearing from it and testing it out. That’s why I’m sharing it on my blog, because I think that many might be interested in it, given its quality but also its price and reachability.

I’m talking about the “Effex, Super Glue” gel that you can find at Kruidvat and at the price of 2.99€ ! Among all the gel numbers that exist to rank it by strength, I use the « 14 » (which I believe to be the highest).

Don’t hesitate to give me a feedback if you ever test it!

With love

The Christianista