“The Christianista” from my real name Christelle, Christian and 26 years old, I currently live in Belgium.

I started sharing my daily life and adventures through my social networks a few years ago, unaware of the impact it could have. Over the years, many people encouraged me to start a blog, but it wasn’t until May 2018 that I received the personal conviction to do so. This blog is really a platform, a channel through which I can share my life, express myself and reach out to the multitude.

However, blogging is not my one and only activity, I am currently a law student. I am passionate about events, video editing and communication ( including social networks). So if it’ s not classes, you will surely find me busy organizing an event or behind my phone, which is literally the extension of my hand. 

I also own a youtube channel called “The Christianista” which fits perfectly with the blog.