“The Christianista” by my real name Christelle, Christian and 25 years old, I currently live in Belgium.

It is since a few years that I started to share my daily life and adventures through my social networks without suspecting the scope that it could have. Over the years, I have been encouraged to open a blog, but it was not until May 2018 that I received my personal conviction.  This blog is really a platform, a channel through which I can share my life, express myself and reach a multitude.

However, blogging is not my only activity, I am currently a law student. I have a passion for events and communication (among other things, social networks). So if it’s not the classes, you’ll probably find me busy organizing an event or behind my phone, which is literally the extension of my hand.

I also have a youtube channel “The Christianista” that goes perfectly with the blog.