This article was written at the beginning of the year, January 9, 2019 to be exact, and I confess that rereading it a few days before the release of my blog moves me … because I literally experienced it…

I wish you a good read, and I pray that at the end of these few lines, a person can be rebooted!

I firmly believe that any project and dream that God inspires us, corresponds to a heartbeat or even a frustration that is in us. This dream/project is therefore not trivial or banal but something that corresponds to us, a dream tailor-made that we must thus fulfill.

But when God gives the dream, the vision, He does not say that the path that leads to his fulfillment will be easy and without pitfalls. During this long journey, you will surely have all kinds of adventures such as moments of confusion where you may doubt this vision or yourself, your ability to accomplish it, times when you will ask yourself multiple questions, when you will feel discouraged when there is a gap between the goals you set for yourself and the reality, where you may even want to give up. But still, there will be times when you have to make sometimes difficult choices, or take directions that others will not understand etc etc. BUT what I'd like to tell you today is: Whatever the pitfall you may encounter, SOIS FIDELE TO THE VISION!

If God has placed this dream in you, it is because He knows you can achieve it. Besides, you may not realize it, but He has already planned everything you need to accomplish it. Through your heartbeats hide the strength and desire to see this dream fulfilled, through the gifts and talents He has placed in you, He gives you the ability to bring this project to life, through the people to whom He connects you It saves you time, helps you move forward and propels you. Isn't he your purveyor? Don't you think that the God who put this dream in you is faithful to fulfill it?  Philippians 4:19

So to you who read stobed me and who may have stopped you along the way, who put aside this project that made your heart beat, to you who was discouraged by the circumstances of life or perhaps even by those around you, to you that no one believes capable of accomplishing this dream or to you who feels overwhelmed and unable to realize it: WAKE-UP!

"Follow the dream that God has deposited in your mind! Pursue him with passion, diligence and joy!…

"It is time for you to take up this dream, dust it off and present it again before the Lord."

And no matter how long you've been or what trials you might encounter, keep moving forward, GOD GOT THIS!

 With love

 The Christianista

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