Be faithful to the vision

This article was written at the beginning of 2019, on January 9th, to be precise, and I must admit that reading it again a few days before the release of my blog moves me because I have literally been through it…

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this article and I pray that at the end of these few lines, you will find yourself reinvigorated!

I firmly believe that any project or dream that God inspires us to pursue is the result of a heartfelt longing or a frustration that is within us. So, this dream/project is not an insignificant or ordinary one but rather something that suits us, a tailor-made dream that therefore needs to be fulfilled by us.

But when God entrusts us with the dream, the vision, He does not mean that the path that leads to its fulfillment will be smooth and without any pitfalls. During this long journey, you will certainly face all kinds of misadventures, such as moments of confusion during which you may doubt your vision, yourself or your ability to accomplish it, times when you will ask yourself a lot of questions, when you will feel discouraged by the huge gap between the goals you will have set and reality, times when you may even want to give up. There will also come times when you will have to make difficult decisions, or head in directions that others will not understand, etc. But what I would like to tell you today is: Whichever challenge you may face, STAY FAITHFUL TO THE VISION!

If God has planted this dream in you, then He surely knows you are capable of making it come true. Besides, you may not realize it now, but He has already planned every little thing that you may need in order to accomplish it. Through your heartbeats lie the strength and desire to see this dream fulfilled. Through the gifts and talents He has deposited in you, He gives you the ability to bring that project to fruition, through people to whom He connects you, He saves your time, helps you move forward and propels you. Isn’t He your provider? Don’t you think that the God who put this dream in you is faithful enough to fulfill it? If not, I suggest you grab your bible, read Philippians 4:19 and then let the Holy Spirit convince you!

So, to you who is reading and who may have stopped progressing along the way, who put aside that project that was making your heart beat, to you who was discouraged by life’s circumstances or perhaps by your close family and friends, to you that no one believes capable of realizing that dream or to you who feels overwhelmed and unable to make it come true: WAKE UP!

« Follow the dream that God has planted in your mind! Pursue it with passion, diligence and joy! »

And no matter how long the journey or how many trials you may encounter, keep moving forward, GOD GOT THIS!

With Love,

The Christianista



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