Facts about me#3

17. Music is vital for me 

I clearly can’t live without music, I listen to a lot of it!

18. I love romance movies

It’s my favorite kind of movie. It doesn’t look like it, but it does! I also like action, comedy or science fiction movies, but that’s all I watch in movies. If I’m alone sitting at home I only watch romances or high school movies etc.

19. I usually speak with my hands

I didn’t necessarily realize it, but by watching myself in videos and being told, I became aware of this fact. Besides, someone even pointed out to me that when I talk with my hands, it’s that everything is fine, if I’m not well then I don’t use them.

20. I’m an introvert

It’s funny because in general, everyone thinks I’m a 100% extrovert but I’m not. I already knew that, and all the tests I do on this are just confirming it. After that I’m also not a 100% introvert, but at least 65%.

21. I don’t usually like fish

I usually say that I do not like fish at all but hey there are exceptions such as salmon … But if not usually I’m not a fan! Same for seafood…

22. One of the things I can’t stand is that people go into my stuff without asking

And it’s not new. It’s from the school benches when someone went into my plumber without asking me lol

23. I have a communicative laugh

You see the kind of person who when she starts laughing, you laugh too? But not necessarily because of what she says but because of her laughter? Well, I’m that person lol. From my youngest age to this day.

24. I did 10 years of piano

11 years even. But I live as if I had never done it….

25. I’m very sarcastic

As soon as I get close or very comfortable with people, 3/4 of what I say is with sarcasm. I don’t even do it on purpose but it’s just the reality!

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