Facts about me #2

7. I can’t stand the greenery on my photos

This is a huge fact. I don’t like the greenery in my photos at all! I can’t even tell you exactly why, but it doesn’t fit. However, I tried for a while to accept it on my photos but after two months I was like “nope”.

8. My favorite water is “Chaudfontaine”

It is not the only water I drink but in any case it is the one I prefer. It is always good to know !

9. I prefer the left than the right

Go find out why! But since I was little I preferred my left to my right, and besides I wanted to write with the left hand rather than the right hand. And even if today no longer matters, if you say “left or right?” “, I would still answer” left “.

10. Of all my passions, the biggest is organizing

I am passionate about many things (with social networks in second position), but organizing will remain my first passion! I love it too much, and I noticed that it is not possible that I am not organizing something, either for myself or for others. And this is really the thing that I could do for life without getting tired (even if it takes me a lot of energy..)

11. 95% of the time, I directly see my notifications

I say 95% so that when it comes out to me this fact I can mention the remaining 5%. But otherwise it’s true I see almost all of my notifications when they arrive, but what I don’t understand is how my response time doesn’t keep up. In the other 5% I count my sleep time and the times when I am separated from my phone.

12. I am someone determined

I assure you that if I want something I will get it, the only thing I cannot control is “when”.

13. My favorite number is 9

I don’t know why the 9, but it has always been the 9! And imagine that a few years ago I discovered that it was also the favorite figure of Rafael Nadal lol

14. I was born in Brussels

This is surely why this city attracts me. I was born there but I didn’t really grow up there.

15. I am “a night person”

I don’t know if I prefer night to day but in any case I believe that I live more at night than during the day, I prefer to sleep super late than to get up super early. Besides, in general I am super productive during the night hours, and my best ideas are born during the night.

16. I’m not a fan of animals

But like NOT AT ALL, with the dogs in the first position.

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