How I organize my days in containment

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re doing good even in those circumstances…

In this aricle I’m gonna talk about how I plan my days during the lockdown. I don’t know if you’ve read the article “let’s get the best out of this season” in which I explain that I decided to make my quarantine productive, to work and to accomplish things.

But making a decision is one thing, taking action is another. Hence this article in which I will explain how I organize my days in a practical way.


I know that many people work with to-do lists, and I’m clearly one of them!

How does it work?

  • Every night before sleeping (well sometimes at the beginning of the day I admit), I make my list of things to do for the next day.

What do I put in it?

You should know that at the beginning of my quarantine, I drew up two different lists:

  • A list called “TO DO” that covers everything I need to do whether we’re in lockdown or not.

Example: study, work on my blog, work for some projects in which I am involved etc…

  • A list entitled “TO ACCOMPLISH” that takes up any novelty, which the time spent in quarantine will have allowed me to realize.

Example: Redo my room (the rest you’ll know much later…)

To compile my daily to-do lists, I take:

  •  At least 3 items from my first “to do” list
  • An item on the “to accomplish” list.
  • Then I add “the call of the day”: Every day I call and take news of one or two people
  • My meetings of the day

Where to write them?

I write twice my to do lists:

  • On a note block “to do”
  • On a board on the wall of my room

What for? Simply because that’s what I do in my everyday life, so if I leave my house I like to walk around with my paper version to do list, and when I’m at home, I like to look up and see it in front of me.


  • 9am: My alarm clock rings.

Don’t judge me, I sleep very late so I can’t wake up early and besides my alarm clock rings at 9am but I never get up at 9am.

  • 10am: The Call of Discipline

(It’s also the time I actually get up.) I call “the call of discipline” because this call determines the rest of my day: it is a silent video call, in which my interlocutor and I work together but each on our side.

It then allows me to realize the things I MUST do, not falling under the “to accomplish” list; things for which the will is not enough and where discipline is required, it helps me a lot.

And on top of that, as the video call is made on whatsapp, it prevents me from using my phone so it’s a double discipline.

  • 2:30 p.m.: Rest of my day  

Before 2:30 p.m. I take the time to eat, prepare myself etc, and in general by 2:30 p.m. I have already realized part of my to do list of the day, and the most “hard” to do has already been realized, so:

1) I still have the rest of my to do list to do and it is then more easy since in general it is things for which my will is enough to motivate me.

2) It is also from this time that I make the call or calls of the day. Another form of appeal and productivity that I like:

ChiTCHAT – something.

What’s this all about?

We call each other on video, we talk and at the same time we do something.


I love this one very much, and I’ve done it more than once during this confinement! We call each other on video, and while we talk and share, we do our makeup at the same time. (maximum twice a week)


This one is also not bad, it’s the same principle, we call each other on video and while we talk and share, we cook together.

  • 7:30 p.m.: My evening

In general, my meetings of the day take place in the evening, so I do them and then it’s free time, netflix and stuff. I usually sleep between 2am and 4am which I do not necessarily advise you to do …

Work vigil (Tuesday or Wednesday)

Once a week, I spend a night working – I don’t sleep, I work on projects or things I put on my “to accomplish” list.

My weekend: No to do list:

  • Saturday morning I try to work and then the rest of the day I do what I want.

  • Sunday – Church day (online for the season).

3. Balance sheet

  • The overall record is excellent and that’s why when I say that my quarantine is going well, it’s going really well and I think it will be fine until my “to accomplish” list is realized.

  • Making duet calls, it boosts in some cases and relaxes in others. I don’t do everything in video calling, but I don’t spend the 24 hours of my day alone and it helps to hold, because the days are very similar and I am convinced that without some calls I would not realize everything I write on my to do list.  

  • The goal is to achieve everything I write on my to do list, but if I don’t realize everything, I try to finish it the next day; the goal is not to put pressure on yourself but to fall asleep having achieved something during the day. And so far it only happened once but one day, in the morning I decided not to do anything with my day, and it was good too.

As much as I can’t wait to go back to my fast life, I know I’ll be happy with the way I used this quarantine time!

Here we are, I hope this article will have inspired you on how to organize yourself for your quarantine and if not, at least now you know what I do with my days! And if anyone needs motivation, or a call or whatever, don’t hesitate to contact me in private message on my instagram: @abouttcworld

With love,

The Christianista

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