I gave my first workshops !

Can you imagine that a week ago, I told myself that it had been a long time since I had no longer posted encouragements on my blog, and look at this, a week after I had an inspiration 😊

As the title of this article indicates, a few days ago, Saturday February 29th 2020, I gave my first workshops: Fashion and Photo. It is true that for some it might seem trivial but I am sure that through this article, anyone can manage to identify themselves.

Because maybe for me it was about giving a first workshop, but maybe for you it is about starting a project that you have in mind, launching your own business? Or maybe you are singing and you were invited for the first time to lead in public or you are an amateur photographer or videographer and then you were called for a first paid service?

All “first time” situations where java is in your head! But maybe for you who read me, you are already experienced, so in this case, I just invite you to remember your beginnings, the first time that …

Those who know me and follow me for 2-3 years, know that I like fashion, dress and take photos, but also that I like social networks and that I have the eye and mindset of a blogger before I even got the title. The point is that all these things, I always did them by pure passion and nothing more and even if when I created my blog, I knew I was going to give fashion advices, it was not the same as standing in front of people who have come to listen to me.

And so when I received the invitation to give these workshops (it was in October 2019, a few weeks after the release of my blog), I was quite surprised but I accepted because I knew that it was a challenge to face (see my article on my 10 resolutions) and that if I said no, it would have been only out of “fear”.

And so that day, maybe the one who invited me heard “yes, thank you very much for having thought of me” with my mouth but in my head it sounded “REALLY? ME ?” and actually I think these two exclamations stayed in my head until a few weeks before the event.

Do you see this phase where your thoughts lead you to say that you have nothing exceptional, this phase where your thoughts lead you to diminish your gifts and talents, and which suddenly seem trivial or even null? Well it was exactly in this phase that I was, and without realizing it. I realized it much later, when I observed my way of thinking and talking about it. And that’s the moment when I repented, because it was really like downplaying all the potential that God had put in me and that He wanted to see deployed.

Then, the “preparation” phase: “WHAT WILL I TELL THEM? “,” WILL THEY REALLY LEARN SOMETHING? The phase where you wonder if what you are going to present will bear fruit or not, if people will be affected or not. And in this phase, as much as you can’t really know if people are going to be touched, as much you come to learn to believe in your potential, to believe that if you are there and that you are about to do this thing, is that there is something in you that has to come out and be released. And if you are Christians, you know like me that what God has put in you is not trivial and that He will use it to touch others. This is what helps you to let go of the “are people going to be touched or not?”. And I assure you that after preparing my workshops, the contents of which were nothing other than what I have applied in my life, I was positively amazed at myself!

Then the moment you get ready to do what you have to do, this is where the battle of thoughts intensifies and you have to select the right ones! And about that, I was fully aware that I was in the midst of a fight to think and that the outcome of what I was going to do depended on the thoughts I was going to accept. I was aware that: EVERYTHING IS IN THE HEAD!

And so arrived at D-Day and at the time of giving the workshops, I realized that “this is it”, I analyzed everything, the participants etc, and there it is 1000 voices roamed my head and the strongest were really to know if these workshops were going to be useful, if all that was going to bear fruit etc, that I was perhaps not ready… but strangely these thoughts did not make me panic and then like someone said it so well “The loudest voice is not necessarily the voice to listen to”. From “Battle of the voices” – Ps Juan Mejias.

And so the voice I chose to listen to was the one that said to me “Just do it” and I said to myself “Lord, if you allowed me to be there and do it, it’s because you know better than me why, and the effects it will have ”. And so I just did it.
I pass the course, the reactions etc, and I finish with the phase of “after” because it is an equally important phase and with even more voices, between those who say to you, “WAW you saw, you did it !! “And those who tell you” don’t get carried away it was nothing, it’s not like if you walked on the moon “. And again, it’s about choosing the right thoughts.

And for my case, it’s true that it may be my first workshops in front of a limited audience, but I chose not to pretend it was “nothing”, I chose not to wait for attend a conference in front of hundreds of people to express my gratitude and consider my potential.

So for you, it may not be in Bercy that you led today, your business may not yet have the fame of the one of Steve Jobs, it may not be Naomi Campbell that you have photographed or a DC Comics film that you have made, but do not diminish what you have already accomplished, on the contrary, be proud of it!

Besides, I know of a book so powerful which recommends not to minimize your weak beginnings, and which even says, that if somebody minimized your weak beginnings, it should have rejoiced because what God started to do in your life is going to be a magnificent masterpiece!

So I’d just like to invite you, you who read me,

1) And who started nothing out of fear and doubt, to believe in yourself and in the potential that God has placed in you! There are people who must be blessed by what is in you;
2) And who are already on the way, watch at your beginnings, be grateful and dream bigger! And I would even add this: Do not wait to be acclaimed to cheer.
3) And who are already an expert, look back, show gratitude for the road traveled and go forward, the best is yet to come!

Much love,

The Christianista

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