I redid my room #2

And yes, in this period of confinement, I took 15 days to redo my second bedroom, and even if I could count on my experience (to have redone my first bedroom last year), it was not all rest! LUCKY, I had a goal in mind, and a concrete determination. Here is the detail of my days:

DAY 1 – Conceptualization of the new room

DAY 2 – Sort + Empty my room part 1: Desk, bookshelf, paperwork…

DAY 3 – Sort + Empty my room part 2: Clothes…

DAY 4 – Cleaning the room and moving the furniture

DAY 5 – Painting part 1

DAY 6 – Painting part 2

DAY 7 – Painting part 3

DAY 8 – Painting part 4

DAY 9 – Painting part 5 / END

DAY 10 – Cleaning and scraping the paint

DAY 11 – Reinstallation of furniture + Cleaning

DAY 12 – Part 1 bedroom refitting

DAY 13 – Part 2 bedroom refitting + furniture assembly

DAY 14 – Part 3 bedroom refitting + End of furniture assembly + Beginning of decoration

DAY 15 – End of Decoration


But why did I redo my room?

I believe that the environment in which you find yourself has an impact on the way you work and your productivity. The room I redone this month is my parents’ room, the room I grew up in. Over the past few years, I didn’t spend a lot of time in there, and not to do productive things. But while confinement was imposed on all of us, and I found myself moving it into the family home, it was impossible for me to make my confinement productive if I was in a room “not to my liking” . This is the reason why I redid my room from A to Z, to make this room MY room, my environment in which I could work and be productive. And as I write these words, I confirm that it had a real impact on what I do and how I experience my confinement.

I hope this article will inspire someone to do the same or perhaps be aware that our environment has a real impact on our work and our productivity. And I invite you to go and read the article “I remade my room # 1” which is in the encouragement category, it speaks in particular of the different mindset that I adopted during each stage of the work, it is my favorite article !

With love,

The Christianista


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