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Maybe it won’t tell you anything, but for me and for those close to me, redoing my room was a real goal. I had been saying for years that I had to paint it and turn it into a “blogger’s” room. But the years passed, repeating the same words but no change in the facts. 

It was then this year that I took my courage with both hands and went from words to deeds. (Is it a coincidence that the timing matches that of the launch of my blog? Maybe ) then planned everything: painting, new furniture and decorations. I was so happy to be able to take action! And it is by repainting this room that I was inspired to write this article, drawing 3 lessons that I will expose in 3 points: 

At the first brushstrokes, my first thoughts (which are then the subject of the first part of this article) were these: I was so proud of myself to have FINALLY realized this big project like I was coming back in my head every time I told myself that I was going to do it… I then began to self-urge myself by telling myself that:

  • When you want and you are really determined, everything is achievable, no matter how long it has passed!

Then, figure that I mounted all the furniture in my room alone, as well as fixing the furniture and shelves etc and then here’s the reflection I was able to draw from it: 

  • Sometimes we expect too much from others, as if we were making ourselves dependent on them! There are things that seem at first unfeasible by yourself but when you end up doing it alone you realize that finally the other person (on whom we relied) was not that indispensable! – You see what I’m talking about I hope? (Personally, I have so many examples where I found myself thinking that)

But hey, these 2 thoughts were the ones that traveled my brain the first 5 minutes …

“Nothing is as simple as it sounds” Murphy’s Law

Tell me, it also happens to you to be excited for something and then to ask yourself and do all the work or the time it’s going to take you and all of a sudden you find yourself panicking? Well I was in this case, I quickly realized the workload, then rehashing in my mind all the time I had taken to empty my room a few hours before, and realizing the time it would take to finish painting the first layer, the second, to assemble the furniture, then decorate and store all my belongings etc etc. BUT very quickly, I rallied by telling myself STEP BY STEP and thinking about the result of everything I was doing. Which leads me to say this: 

  • When you are in the process of carrying out a project you have to stay the course by remaining focused on the end, on the objective because if you are concerned and you focus only on each of the steps you go through to achieve this result, then comes a risk of relaxation and abandonment but when you keep your eyes fixed on the goal, then you move forward. 

My point is that my plan to redo my room is just one example among many and the lessons I have learned are applicable to many other examples, other cases or situations that you may be experiencing. What I’m trying to tell you through this article is that with a lot of will and determination you are unstoppable! Maybe there’s this thing you wanted to do for a long time but that looks too big, know that it’s not too late to get started, it’s still possible! Maybe you’re counting on someone to do this or that but ask yourself, two minutes, evaluate the thing and ask yourself if you’re really incapable of doing it on your own? There is a strength in you that you may not be aware of!

You can do it, anything is possible!

With love 

The Christianista


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