Know your why

I still remember long before I had the conviction myself, I had already been declared a blogger. I was already told at the time that I would open a blog, and if they didn't proclaim it, then they asked me if it wasn't in my plans. I was flattered yes, but I told myself mostly that I did not want to do it to do it or to please but because I MUST do it.

And when the right time came, believe me, the vision and the plan followed. I still remember the sleepless night I was led to do, sleepless night during which I wrote all the vision and the model of my blog. After that, aware that all this could not just come from my imagination, I prayed for this project and I remember above all asking God to place the right people around me. And that's where the adventure began, from the design of the blog to its launch, and until the present moment, the 1 year. (In fact, I realize that He has fulfilled me beyond my expectations, and until today I am grateful for every person who has been assigned to this project and who has brought his stone to the building.)

Why am I telling all this? Because the belief that I have to do what I'm doing, and having a clear vision of what I need to do is my why. Why did I open a blog? Why am I sharing this article? Why am I investing my time and money in this? Why am I taking pictures? Why do I share my lifestyle? Why do I share playlists? What for? What for? What for? Behind each of my actions, my posts, my projects hides answers to every "why" you might ask me.

Knowing my capital "WHY" and all my tiny "why" is what allows me to move forward, which allows me to continue to dream, which allows me not to stop and persevere in what I have to do despite all the changes, deviations, falls, and others that could have already stopped me.

"Know your why" is really a message that I will carry for life, and with which I will continue to encourage. And I pray that you who read me, may not only know him but above all remind you of him every day, in every action, and in every thing you would like to do. There is in this reason, an extreme force that allows us to move forward, to set goals, to continue to dream, there is in this reason, an extreme force that allows us to hold no matter what adversity and difficulties we are led to encounter, there is behind this why, the fulfillment of a plan of a life tailored for us.

Why do you do what you do? Why does it matter? Why is this goal important to you? What for?

Happy first birthday to my blog, the adventure continues and the best is yet to come. Thank you to all of you who read me, believe in me and encourage me on a daily basis. God bless you and accompany you in everything you do,

With a lot of love,

The Christianista

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