The gel I use to plate my hair

Hi all! 

We are meeting today for a new article, and that is a recommendation. I promote the gel I use to plate my hair! 

You should know that properly plated my hair has always been a challenge for me, because having very frizzy hair, it is not all gels that work! And it was during the month of July that a friend used this gel to plate my hair at a wedding. And miracle effect, it was the first time I had my hair so well plated and the effect was super fast! 

I bought it directly and I talked directly about it around me, I even lent it, they even started to ask me how I was plashing my hair, and I can count several people who in turn bought it. That's why I share it on my blog, because I think many might be interested given its quality, but also its price and ease to be found. 

This is the "Effex, Super Glue" gel that you can find at Kruidvat and for a price of 2.99! Be aware that there are other numbers than the "14" that I use and which I believe is the highest.

You're welcome,

With love

The Christianista 

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