The gel I use to slick my hair down

Hi everyone ! 

Today I’m coming to you with a new article, and it will be a product recommendation. I’m going to promote the gel that I use to slick my hair down ! 

You should know that properly laying my hair has always been a challenge for me, because since I have very kinky hair, very few hair gels actually work for me ! It was during the month of July that a friend of mine used this gel to tame my hair for a wedding. And by some miracle, it was the first time that I had my hair so well slicked and that fast !

I immediately bought it and talked about it to the people around me. I can even list some of them who already bought it after hearing from it and testing it out. That’s why I’m sharing it on my blog, because I think that many might be interested in it, given its quality but also its price and reachability.

I’m talking about the “Effex, Super Glue” gel that you can find at Kruidvat and at the price of 2.99€ ! Among all the gel numbers that exist to rank it by strength, I use the « 14 » (which I believe to be the highest).

Don’t hesitate to give me a feedback if you ever test it!

With love

The Christianista 


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