Let’s get the best out of this season!

“Let’s get the best out of this season” or how to sum up my confinement in one sentence.

The beginning of confinement, I practically lived it badly, because I was part of the category of people who had not really taken this story from covid_19 very very seriously, and therefore find myself confined and see all my plans falling into the water over, it was a bit like taking a slap (or three …) BUT it was just the beginning, because very quickly, I pulled myself together, and I said to myself that if I was going to spend as much confined time, it would not be to get up at 1 p.m. and spend my days on Netflix: I might as well make this confinement p-r-o-d-u-c-t-i-v-e, and use this time intelligently!

Hence the reason for this article, because if I have succeeded in motivating myself, I would like to reach out to someone who may not be able to. It is true that this confinement has a lot of negative and even devastating consequences … But adopting the mindset of “let’s get the best out of this season” could really help us get through this season and make it useful.

For me, for example, in this time of confinement and withdrawal, I have set myself challenges and things to accomplish in addition to the things I already do in everyday life. I literally made myself a list called “To accomplish” which lists 8 things I must accomplish before I get out of containment. Why ? Because when I’ll be back at my everyday life, I wanna be able to look back at this period and say to myself “Certainly we were confined and we could not go out, but here is what this time spent in confinement allowed me to achieve.” And the more I advance in this confinement, the more I work, and the more I realize that this time that we have while everything is stopped is a grace, and that it would be pity for each of us to don’t grab it!

So for someone it may be the opportunity to do things that had been put aside for lack of time, for someone else it could be the opportunity to finish, to achieve things that had already started or for someone else it may be just a time to stop, rest and take care of yourself. In any case, I am sure that everyone, depending on their life and their plans, is capable of bringing out the best in this season.

So hoping to have encouraged you for the rest of this confinement, I give you an appointment for a future article which will be entitled “My achievements during confinement”.

With love,

The Christianista

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