MY ETE 2019

Where to start to tell you about my summer 2019? Already, if I could sum it up in one word it would be: CHARGED 

It's true that in appearance and through what I could show on social networks you would think that this summer I only participated in weddings, but in reality it was much more full-bodied than that! 

 It began in Paris the first week of July with the major annual Conference of the Impact Centre Chrétien churches. And it was as soon as I returned that the wedding adventure began and fatigue knocked on my door. It started with two bachelorette parties whose preparations were not easy. Then the sequence of marriages as such began and this famous trip to Naples.

Having said that, I had personally planned to do many other things during this holiday, including the preparation of the blog since September 30 was the date I had set. But also the launch of my YouTube channel which finally took place earlier than expected. Apart from all this, I also planned to work a lot: something that was done.

But between work, wedding rehearsals and weddings as such, I let you guess how much time I had left for my personal projects and those of others in which I am involved! And if you can guess how little time I had left then you should surely be able to assess the degree of fatigue I have achieved…

  But in reality I'm just super grateful, because at the end of this holiday, I was able to respect my program from start to finish, I managed to reach every goal and deadline that I had set for myself. From the beginning I knew that this holiday was going to be busy, I had made the choice; and even if it was easier to predict than to live, I MADE IT! 


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