My 3 goals for this summer!

It’s officially summer and I wanted to write and share with you my goals for the 2021 summer season which promises to be fruitful and not at all restful!

  1. Enjoy 

One of my goals is clearly to enjoy this season. Going on vacation, squatting on the terraces (by the way, that’s where this article is being written from 😉 ), spending time with family and friends, having fun, and decompressing! 

After almost half a year spent in lockdown, this summer will be an opportunity to reconnect with all the things we’ve been deprived of over the past few months: restaurants, movies, gatherings,… What a pleasure!

  1. Learn & work

Yes! It’s not because we’re “on vacation” that work is going to stop as well. I rather intend to use this time to work more and smarter in order to save money, finance some projects and especially… LEARN (one of my biggest goals for 2021)! 

And what do I plan to learn? 

Based on the fact that we never run out of new things to discover and that we never master everything, in each field of my life where I would like to excel, I make sure to always learn, whether it is through personal research, training or even through practical experience: any opportunity is good to seize. Besides, I believe that from every circumstance in life, there is always a lesson to learn!

This summer in particular, I have planned to take part in several events that will allow me to learn more and I look forward to it! 

  1. Preparing for the beginning and end of the year 

I have set some big goals for this year 2021, and I’m not losing sight of them for i intend to achieve them! So, this summer will certainly be about having fun, while keeping in mind the beginning of the school year in September too. Indeed, the last quarter of the year will require a certain amount of preparation and planning so that on December 31st I can check off my list of goals set at the beginning of the year.

In a few words, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that these vacations will be more than eventful (even if I’ll make sure to start September refreshed!). 

Of course I intend to share with you my adventures here as well as on social networks, I invite you to have a look! 

– My Instagram account: @the.christianista

– My YouTube channel: The Christianista

I already wish you a wonderful summer and great vacations, hoping that the goals I shared above will give you some ideas to make it even better! 

Take care of yourself,

The Christianista

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