My Black Friday in 3 steps

Hi my fashionistas!

So as you may already know, by the end of November takes place the well-known “BLACK FRIDAY”. It’s an event that I’m always looking forward to, so in this article I’m going to share with you the 3 steps I follow in order to prepare it, hoping that it will come in handy for you in the future!


A few weeks before Black Friday, I usually go through the different stores and make a visual selection of all the pieces that might catch my attention BUT without buying anything. I do it in local stores, as well as on the internet (where I proceed to put the articles in my wishlist).


  1. Making a pre-selection to save time on D-Day. Let me tell you that once you’re in the store dealing with a big crowd AND time pressure, looking for the rare gem at ease becomes a complicated task.
  2. Not buying the items at the pre-selection stage, simply because there is no point in purchasing them at full price when they may be cheaper after a few weeks.

And I can ensure you that this step turns out to be necessary every single time. (That being said, I still happen to buy items that weren’t pre-selected though !)


Well, I don’t really bother to create a budget every time I want to go shopping, but I highly recommend that step, especially if you want to avoid any excess and be reasonable.


I make a list of the essentials that I have to purchase, that I really need. What better than buying your must-haves items at reduced cost instead of purchasing them at their full price ? And when I talk about must-haves, I mean those things that are absolutely necessary, the rest being treats. For example, along my must-haves you will find black pants (mainly because I wear a lot of black…).

So there you go, that’s how I prepare my Black Friday ! Most of the time I order my items on the internet in the first place, and then I go to the local store on Friday for an effective shopping. However, the 3 steps that I’ve just listed are not restricted to Black Friday only, but can be applied to many other events such as the sales periods per example. That’s it ! I hope that it will be useful for somebody !

With Love,

The Christianista

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