My Black Friday in 3 steps

Hi my fashionistas !

Wawwwww I haven’t forgotten you! Like since the release of the blog if there is indeed a section that I did not feed it is yours but no worries to you, I am all yours!

So as you must have seen everywhere, Friday (29.11.2019) took place the famous “BLACK FRIDAY”. Personally I was impatiently waiting for it because (even if it’s hard to believe for a fashion blogger lol) I had not done any shopping for several months (like 6 months I would say or even more!) So much I wanted to be reasonable with my budget and my various projects that I had to finance ..

Anyway, Black Friday marked my return to the game and suddenly in this article I will talk about how I prepared it in 3 steps, hoping that it will also serve you in the future!


One or two weeks before Black Friday, I went to the shopping center where I planned to do my shopping, and I went through the different stores by making a visual selection BUT without buying anything.


  1. Making a pre-selection to save time on DD. Because when there are a lot of people + the pressure of timing, looking at your ease becomes quite complicated.
  1. Do not buy the items at the pre-selection stage simply because there is no point in buying them at full price when they may be low prices a few weeks later.

This step proved to be very necessary since imagine that by going back on Black Friday I could find items from my pre-selection at a reduced price 🙂 (However, that did not prevent me from ‘buy items that were not part of my tracking!)


So personally I did not have a custom budget, I was ready to put everything in my shopping. However, I think this is an important step, especially if we want to avoid excess and stay reasonable. So even if I didn’t have a budget, I still knew the limit of my card lol.


I had made a list of the essentials that I needed to buy, which I really needed. What could be better than buying your essentials at a reduced price rather than a full price? And when I talk about essentials, I’m talking about those things that we think we REALLY need, the rest being for fun.

So my essentials for this Black Friday were: black pants (because I wear too much black …), boots, a coat. I came back home with more than that but in any case I could not have come back without these 3 things.

So there you go, that’s how I prepared for my Black Friday. On the one hand I made orders on the internet, and then on Friday I went to the store, I had 2 hours top time and believe me that with these 3 steps applied, my shopping was efficient. However, these 3 steps that I have just listed are not limited to Black Friday per se, but on many other occasions such as sales. So as much as I will reuse them, I hope that it can be useful for one of you!

See you soon,

With love,

The Christianista


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