My trip to Malta

For those who have followed my Instagram stories, you will remember that at the end of January, I went on holidays in Malta. But I think what you remember most is that I promised that when I got back I would “throw it all in one article”, so here it is.


First of all on flights and the hotel, we booked them for a total of € 122 per person.

The hotel we stayed in was the “ST Hotel” located in Gzira. I didn’t necessarily find the room spacious but the hotel in general was very good, with its two swimming pools: indoor and outdoor. Note that the price of the room was € 154 for two, 4 nights with breakfast included, so there was not much to complain about.



Valetta, the capital of Malta. A very beautiful city to absolutely visit and whose highlight for me was The Gardens of Upper Baraka. The view is just M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T.

Mdina “The silent City”

It is the ancient capital of Malta. Calm and beautiful to visit, especially the “Moat Garden” ( photo below right).


Gozo is an island not far from Malta (which also requires a magnificent ferry ride to get there). We had so many expectations for this island but we did not find it so extraordinary. The Highlight of this island was for us the citadel (which offers us in particular the view of the photo below).

Comino Island & Blue Lagoon

OMG, my favorite moment of the trip, my best memory! Just waw, a boat trip that you absolutely must do, I myself was told “do it if you have time” and I am very far from regretting it. The calm, the emptiness, the view at Comino Island was just speechless!

Places to eat

  • Truth Malta (former Barcelona Lounge)

So basically this bar / restaurant located in Saint Julian’s called the “Barcelona Lounge” was supposed to offer (for the evening where we wanted to go) a good special buffet with atmosphere. So we went there with this expectation except that when we got there we realized that the bar had changed its name as well as its concept. Which means that we ended up ordering like in any other restaurant. And suddenly the atmosphere was more bar than restaurant, and that was the slightly negative point of this place, but on the other hand the food was very very good so it balanced and I highly recommend it, (but only if you can be comfortable with that kind of atmosphere). For the price, it was between 20 and 25€

  • Hilton (also Saint Julian’s)

So I’m telling you already, if you want to go eat there, take out the outfit, take out the heels, put on your 31! 5 star hotel, 5 star service. We ate at the restaurant there, they offered an all-you-can-eat buffet (drinks not included) at € 38, which I recommend 100%. Pleasant evening in a magnificent setting.


I really enjoyed this trip! Malta is such a beautiful country with a decor worthy of a postcard. For those who like photos like me, you are going to have a great time!

However, I believe that visiting Malta in winter is not the same as visiting it in summer. It is true that I went there in winter, with temperatures which fluctuated between 15 and 17 degrees, not too many people and therefore the cities and places were pleasant to visit. However, I’m not sure it would have been the same in summer, with much higher temperatures and tourism at its peak …

Hope this article has helped and / or inspired you!

With love,

The Christianista

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