Hi all

Here we are again for another week!

And who says new week says new playlist, with the top list “Awake my Soul” from the new album of Hillsong Worship freshly released just three days ago. Besides, I invite you without further ado to go listen to the album in its entirety!

  1. Hillsong Worship – Awake my soul
  2. Preachers – One by one
  3. Limoblaze – My story
  4. Martin Pk – Holy Spirit
  5. Anthony Evans – Hope is alive
  6. Stormzy – Blinded by your grace
  7. The Psalmist – I pray for you
  8. Deborah Lukalu – Bless Me Dad
  9. Jonathan Taylor – Stones – Giants 
  10. Daddy Owen – Okokroko

Good listening to all,

With love

The Christianista

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