Playlist #4

Hi everyone !

Here we are again for another week and a new playlist with the new single “Souffle” of Dena Mwana in headline. So many “crush” songs in this playlist! And as it’s my duty to inform you of the new releases, I invite you to discover the new album of Travis Greene recently released: “Broken Record”.

  1. Dena Mwana – Souffle
  2. Stevie Valentine – Hope
  3. Red Rocks Worship – More
  4. Henrisoul – Onyeoma
  5. Derek Jones – Que ta gloire descende
  6. Bethel Music – Promises never fail
  7. KB & Prisca – Kamikaze
  8. Gil Joe – Do
  9. Travis Greene – Perform
  10. Guvna B – Chale

Have a blessed week,

With love,

The Christianista

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