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It's now been more than a week (ten days exactly) that my blog was out in the open. And on this occasion, I organized a launch event, a "preview" during which I presented the blog exclusively to about twenty people. 

In this article, you will find everything about this event.

1- The purpose of the event 

From the very beginning of this event, it was for me to bring together the people who had supported me (in one way or another) throughout the realization of this project. The main purpose of this event was to gather them and thank them, the second being to present my baby exclusively before showing it to the world.

2- Setting up

(Luckily organizing is my passion and I had a big person to help me…) I broke down the event into several compartments so as not to lose sight of anything: The place – the guests – decoration – gifts – Guest book – cocktail. 

The venue – 20-person conference room (Schuman). Reference: "The Mug Coworking"

Guests – Between 20 and 25 people

Decoration – Reference: "m.g.event" (Instagram)

Gifts – Custom gold envelope cards and cardboard cards from AVA

Golden Book – Reference: AVA

Cocktail – Menu: Mini pizza, salmon toast, tuna/peach jacks – tomatoes/mozzarella – Fruit juice

Cupcakes: Reference: "Personalized Z Cakes" (Facebook page)

The budget for this event was 550 euros. 

3- The program

Event duration estimated at 2:30 a.m.

  1. Welcome welcome and cocktail
  2. Installation 
  3. Thank you disours by me
  4. Blog presentations
  5. Question/answer time
  6. Speech of my mentor
  7. Cheers
  8. Signing the guest book – Photos

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