A look back at my 3 months of lockdown..

As my lockdown is almost over, I wanted to write this debriefing article, which relates 4 things that this containment has brought and for which I am grateful.

  • Time

We agree, this containment was really like we had put most of our lives on hold, which left us time to do a lot of things:

Time to focus on ourselves, time to do the deepest introspections, time to do things for which we didn’t have time, TIME.

For me it was especially the time to revisit my “WHY”, the time to stop and get back to the basics of several things I do, it was also time to plan several things in my life. (Like, you can’t give me that much time and expect me to not plan anything!!!!)

  • Relationships

My second subject of gratefulness at the end of this containment is about my relationships. For many relationships, containment allowed me to develop them, to deepen them and I am so so grateful for it.

  • Rest

It’s true that if you read my article “How I organize my containment days” you could really believe that I worked like a machine but in reality I could really rest and recharge my batteries during this containment. (After I don’t think that I necessarily needed almost 3 months for my batteries to be recharged but at least they’re full!)

  • Some accomplishments

I had written it in a previous article at the beginning of my containment I had made a list of things to accomplish. And I’m grateful for many of these things on this list that were completed in capital letters and for some things on this list, it was beyond even what I could think.

And while in a few days life at 100 an hour will resume for me, these are the 4 points that I will remember when I’ll look back at this historic period of lockdown!

The Christianista

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