The 1 year anniversary of the blog!

A few days ago was the first anniversary of my blog. And that says birthday says event. So I wanted to retrace in this article, the organization of these 1 year anniversary.

I started by using a photo studio, to do a shoot. I really wanted to take pictures with a cake for the occasion, it's the only thing I was sure to do for months. Here is the Instagram page of the person who made me the cake as well as the Instagram page of the reserved photo studio:

  • Cake: '
  • Photo Studio:

For the birthday celebration, she also took to the studio, just after my shoot. It took place around a table that had been set up on occasion. I invited about 10 people. The theme of the party was pale pink/black/white which are my 3 official colors.

The decoration was therefore made according to the theme. Ditto for the dress code: Black for the guests, white for me. Regarding the references of the decoration: Apart from the tablecloth that was bought in a fabric store located on Rue du Brabant (Brussels), everything else came mainly from the store “AVA” which I highly recommend.

Also, for all that is special candles, confetti, etc. I highly recommend the “Balloons – Events” store located in Saint-Gilles (Brussels), this is where I bought my candles at a fairly modest price.

For my beauty here are the Instagram references:

  • Hairstyle: @hildahairdesign
  • Makeup: @partysosomakeup
  • Nails:

And as I explained in an Instagram post, it was far from the event I had imagined when I thought about the 1 year of this blog, but for this season, it was the event that was needed.

Thank you to all my guests for their presence and thank you (Instagram) for all the photos!

The adventure continues,

With love

The Christianista

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