This article is for all my fashionistas!

Also in the wedding mood, I selected for you two of my best outfits worn, at the weddings this summer 2019. The first outfit being the one I wore to a civil wedding, the second, she, is a dress worn as a bridesmaid.

 Dress for a civil wedding 

On the eve of the third civil wedding I attended, I walked the shops in search of the ideal dress (N.B. NEVER TO FIND THE VEILLE OF A DAY WITHOUT TENUE). For those who already know me, you even know the colors according to my heart. So my eyes are stopped on this beautiful red dress from C-A bought for 39.99.  From the first fitting she fell perfectly, flared dress as I like them, it was THE ONE, perfect for time and season. 

To accessorize the dress, I opted for silver, with these beautiful pumps bought during my trip to Naples as well as this pouch which I can not remember the provenance and ring from the store "Six".

  Bridesmaid outfit 

For this second outfit, this is the bridesmaid dress worn at my penultimate wedding this summer. So splendid, not only for its color that I love so much but also by its model, its fabric and especially its beautiful drag. 

 Where does it come from? (the question many asked me…) You'd be amazed… It comes from Ali Express, for a small fee of 50 euros. And yes, a SUPER GOOD PLAN! 

Hoping that you liked and inspired these looks,

With love

The Christianista

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