Welcome to this topic called "Playlist." A column in which you will find a selection of 10 titles every week. And as a welcome, here is a selection of titles from the various weddings I participated in this summer; there is something for all styles and tastes so JUST ENJOY!

  1. Tim Godfrey – Hallelujah
  2. Deborah Lukalu – Zala Na ngai
  3. Joepraize – God Mighty
  4. Limoblaze – Wedding Day 
  5. Tim Godfrey, Travis Greene – Nara
  6. Anchored – Naza ya 
  7. Jonathan and Emily Martin – Two Becoming One 
  8. Dee Jones – Lift Him Up
  9. Thanks Elonga – Igwe
  10. Tim Godfrey – Gbemisoke

I pray that anyone who listens to the different playlists that will be offered over the weeks will find shoes at their feet! And above all, share around you without moderation!

  Be abundantly blessed,

  With Love,

 The Christianista




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