Hi everyone !

Here we are again for another week !

Here’s a new playlist, with the top of the list being “Awake my Soul” from the new album of Hillsong Worship, freshly released just three days ago. Besides, and without further ado, I invite you to listen to the album in its entirety !

  1. Hillsong Worship – Awake my soul
  2. Preachers – One by one
  3. Limoblaze – My story
  4. Martin Pk – Holy Spirit
  5. Anthony Evans – Hope is alive
  6. Stormzy – Blinded by your grace
  7. The Psalmist – I pray for you
  8. Deborah Lukalu – Bless Me Dad
  9. Jonathan Taylor – Stones – Giants 
  10. Daddy Owen – Okokroko

Good listening to all,

With love,

The Christianista


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