Playlist #4

Hi everyone !

Here we are again for another week and a new playlist with Dena Mwana’s new single “Souffle” as headline. So many “crush” songs in this playlist! And as it’s my duty to inform you of the new releases, I invite you to discover the new album of Travis Greene recently released: “Broken Record”.

  1. Dena Mwana – Souffle
  2. Stevie Valentine – Hope
  3. Red Rocks Worship – More
  4. Henrisoul – Onyeoma
  5. Derek Jones – Que ta gloire descende
  6. Bethel Music – Promises never fail
  7. KB & Prisca – Kamikaze
  8. Gil Joe – Do
  9. Travis Greene – Perform
  10. Guvna B – Chale

Have a blessed week,

With love,

The Christianista

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